The Toronto Raptors may not have the best duo in the NBA in terms of playing ability, but there’s more to an NBA game than just competing. Sure, winning is most important, but what separates the NBA from the other popular sports in America is style. The signature sneaker is ingrained in basketball culture. If you’re not rocking fly kicks on the court, what does that say about your game. Michael Jordan may be the GOAT on the court, but the Jordan brand has allowed him to stay the GOAT off the court as well. This is where DeMar DeRozan and PJ Tucker shine.

They may not win a championship this year (the Raptors have a lot of competition to get through before that happens), but we’ve got 12 reasons in photos to show why they’ve already taken the crown for the freshest duo on the court. Tucker and DeRozan switch their game up nightly, and the rest of the league should take notice!

DeMar DeRozan: NIKEiD Kobe XI ‘Mamba Day’

PJ Tucker: Nike Kobe AD

Check Out PJ Tucker’s Shoe Game On Page 2…

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