T0morrow, the 2017-18 NBA season will finally arrive.

For some, it feels like just yesterday that their beloved Dubs beat the Cavs in five games to capture their second title in three years and with everyone re-signing it, it seemed like 2018 would be their third in four.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James were planning on how the Cavaliers were going to top the Warriors in ’18, Isaiah Thomas was the heralded hero in Boston and gave the C’s hope, Chris Paul was the leader of the Clippers, Paul George was likely sticking around for one more year until heading to L.A., the Bulls were planning to be contenders building around Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony…well, Melo was likely never going to start the season in a Knicks jersey.

By the end of the offseason, none of that was true. Except for the first statement: The Dubs are definitely the favorites to win in all again.

If you’re only interested in knowing what to be excited about this season in Oakland, we’ve got some disappointing news – you won’t see it here.

The Warriors are still great, have a roster lined with superstars, and boast one of the league’s most solid coaching staffs. We get it.

But for the rest of you who would like something else to be excited for, we’ve got you covered.

15. It’s Peanut Butter, Jelly Time!

If you enjoyed watching LeBron get fed from Kyrie the last few years, well, we’re sorry you won’t have that to look forward to. But watching DWade and LeBron wear the same uniform again will provide just as much fun – just maybe without the feeding. Derrick Rose makes at least the beginning of the season very intriguing if you’re a Cleveland fan. His new teammates are gushing over his ability and skill and he’s betting on himself to channel his MVP season. When Thomas comes back from injury sometime in the winter, Tyronn Lue may have his hands full trying to juggle all those guards.


14. On That Note…

LeBron James. That’s it. That’s a reason to be excited for the season in itself.


13. Time To Shine

Kristaps Porzingis no longer has Phil Jackson to feud with – although it’s been reported his issue was with head coach Jeff Hornacek – and he doesn’t have to fight Melo for who the top guy in the Big Apple is any longer. It’s him. Will The Unicorn step up and embrace the role of being the guy or will he be held down by a roster that honestly still needs a lot of help? That’s a lot of pressure on the 22-year-old.


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