Former NBA player Robert Horry has had some pretty big moments in his life, especially during his playing days. He’s a seven-time NBA Champion, winning three with the Los Angeles Lakers, two with the Houston Rockets, and two with the San Antonio Spurs.

Count ‘Em!

During those championship runs he earned the name “Big Shot Bob” with some of the most clutch shots in NBA playoff history. Whether he was putting the dagger into the hearts of all Sacramento Kings fans’ hearts with the buzzer beater in the 2002 Western Conference, propelling the Rockets past the Orlando Magic in the ’95 Finals, or dropping a three for the Spurs ahead of the Detroit Pistons in the waning seconds of the 2005 Finals, Horry always had what it took to show up in the biggest moments.


When we talk about shots in basketball, we’re not normally speaking about punches, but it does happen occasionally. “Big Shot Bob” landed another big shot after being shoved by a man while attending his son’s game.

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