Soccer (or futbol/football) is the most popular sport in the world, but if you’re an American, there’s no shame in admitting that soccer (or futbol/football) isn’t your top sport.

Even if you didn’t know the field is called a pitch or can name three teams that aren’t ManU, Arsenal, or Real Madrid, you probably have at least heard the name Wayne Rooney.

Until recently, David Beckham (bet you’ve heard of him, too!) was the most famous British soccer player, captaining England in international tournaments and making Manchester United the money making juggernaut it is.

Rooney took over as both the face of the club and captain of England, but as far as the team itself, well, it’s seen better days.

Rooney began playing for Everton as a boy in 1996, then started playing professionally for The Toffees in the EPL back in 2002. Two years later, he signed with ManUtd.

It’s been 13 seasons, but Rooney is leaving old Trafford to return to Liverpool and play for The Blues.

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