Ever since LaVar Ball burst into our lives – and our newsfeeds – during March Madness last spring, he’s made some pretty cringe-worthy comments and as a result, has gotten into a few social media schisms and scuffles.

No, we’re not going to rewind the last year and go through them all; that would take all of 2018 to get them listed and by then, the Ball family patriarch will have waged a few more war of words.


But one of his more amusing feuds came to a head on Dec. 7th, when Ball came face-to-face with one of the detractors, Joel Embiid.

Now, we’re saying the feud between Ball and Embiid is one of “his more amusing” ones because some of them just made no sense (Kobe Bryant) and others were so obviously said just for attention (Michael Jordan).


Embiid, on the other hand, was pure beef coupled with being hilarious.

It all started in June after LaVar’s son Lonzo was drafted by the Lakers with the No. 2 overall pick and the Sixers’ center tweeted at rookie Ben Simmons.

There was a response from Ball, telling Embiid in his teammates to get off social media and go to the gym, then the infamous expletive Instagram reply by Embiid, which garnered him a $10,000 fine by the league, then more from LaVar…it went on and on.

Flip to Page 2 to see how it finally culminated in Philly…

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