It’s never been a secret that one of the biggest reasons Ice Cube wanted to start up the Big3 League was Allen Iverson.

“That was part of the dream,” Cube once said about A.I.The hope, the wish. Just seeing him run out of that tunnel in that uniform, seeing him warm up, basketball in his hands.”

The Sixers great has always been a polarizing figure – especially in Philly.

For all the answers he brought the team and fans, he was often seen as aloof by the media. He infamously gave the “Practice” speech, he reportedly didn’t show up to fan events and he was late to games.

After 10 years, four scoring titles, and the 2001 MVP, the Philadelphia brass decided to trade one of the greatest players that ever put on a Sixers uniform.

With time all things heal and A.I.’s relationship with the Sixers did as well – and it didn’t even take all that much time.

Four years after retiring, Iverson’s iconic No. 3 jersey was hung from the rafters in March 2014 never to be worn in Philadelphia again.

The city went nuts. This was their A.I., their answer. And a piece of him would be with them forever.

So when the Big3 schedule was announced and that the Wells Fargo Center in Philly would be hosting a matchup between A.I.’s 3’s Company and another Sixers Hall of Famer, Dr. J’s Tri-State on July 16th, people from all over were hyped to see A.I., the player coach, play.

It just didn’t work out that way.

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