Chris Bosh hasn’t played since February 2016 due to blood clots but the 11-time All-Star has remained on the Heat roster. That is about to change.

Miami, Bosh, and the NBA Player’s Association have come to terms that the Heat and Bosh will part ways. The discussion began back in the fall when the team’s medical staff declined to clear Bosh to participate in training camp after blood test results were administered.

Per Brian Windhorst of ESPN:

“Bosh is guaranteed $52 million over the next two seasons, though a significant portion of that is covered by insurance. But he has remained on the Heat’s salary cap, limiting their ability to replace him. This agreement is expected to remove Bosh from the cap and allow the Heat to move on with their team.

The Heat will end up with between $14 million and $37 million in cap room, depending on player options, team options and waivers decisions.”

One of the reasons the process has taken so long is that both Bosh and the Heat are stuck between two collective bargaining agreements with different rules on players with potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

The new CBA takes effect July 1st and has new policies in place for evaluating player health.

Bosh, selected by Toronto with the fourth overall pick in the star-studded 2003 Draft, has said repeatedly that he hopes to find a treatment plan that allows him to return to the game he loves.

Under the current CBA, if Bosh signs with a team and plays more than 25 games in a season, his cap hit would return to the Heat and Miami could face luxury tax penalties.

That was partly the reason the sides took as long as they did to reach a resolution, according to Windhorst.

When the new CBA takes effect, a panel of doctors selected by the NBA and the NBAPA would determine whether a player with a potentially life-threatening medical condition would be cleared to play.

So, where does that leave Bosh?

Continue on for potential landing spots for Bosh…

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