This week started with a lot of rumors about where Paul George would play in 2017-18, but all chatter turned to Phil Jackson and Chris Paul by mid-week.

As you have probably already heard, Jackson and the Knicks parted company Wednesday after three tumultuous years together. Although an absolute genius on the bench, he made many questionable moves in the front office.

Not long after New York fans were celebrating their divorce from one of the game’s most brilliant coaching minds, word from the West Coast hit that Paul, arguably the greatest point guard of the current era, was now a Houston Rocket. He was going to exercise his player option and hit free agency, where he wouldn’t have lasted long.

But there are still an overwhelming amount of good free agents who shouldn’t be on the market for very long either come Saturday.

As an aside: We are leaving the Finals MVP and his Warriors teammate on the list because as the Rockets-Clippers trade showed us, anything is possible.

25. Rudy Gay

Current Team: Sacramento Kings
The Future: Gay is coming off one of the most devastating injuries a player can have and he may lose a little mobility because of it, but he can play off his height and he’s an extremely consistent player.

24. Mason Plumlee (Restricted)

Current Team: Denver Nuggets
The Future: With the right team around him, Plumlee could round out some rough edges

23. Dion Waiters

Current Team: Miami Heat
The Future: It isn’t his production, he averaged 16-points, four assists, three rebounds last season, it’s his approach that reportedly has team execs concerned.

22. Patrick Patterson

Current Team: Toronto Raptors
The Future: At first glance, Patterson won’t be that one missing piece teams need but in a game-time situation, he’ll transform to address several needs.

21. Patty Mills

Current Team: San Antonio Spurs
The Future: Mills works best off the bench, so the best fit is a team looking for depth; primarily a pace-changer that will keep defenders on their toes.

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