Lately, there seems to be a lot of crazy things going on in boxing and MMA, but those are pretty dangerous sports whose whole premise is hurting each other.

Yet, an uncle punched his nephew’s opponent (and subsequently was issued a warrant for his arrest) and there was a double-knock down in Muay Thai a couple weeks ago.

Still, it doesn’t really make you bat an eye too much at these incidents, given the nature of the sports themselves.

But baseball? That’s entirely different. Or so you thought.

Before we can begin with what happened over the weekend, there’s a backstory to go over.

Back in 2014, the Giants were facing the Nationals in the National League Divisional Series. San Francisco P Hunter Strickland was on the mound and Washington’s Bryce Harper was at the plate. Strickland pitched the ball which Harper sent sailing into McCovey Cove to tie Game 4. Not so much an issue, except that Harper stared a bit longer than normal at it.

Strickland wasn’t amused, to say the least.

What made matters worse was that Harper continued to stare at Strickland the entire time rounding the bases.

Joke was on the Nats, because the Giants went on to win 3-2 and advanced to the National League Championship Series.

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