Everyone reading this is familiar with both basketball and Connect 4, right?

Hoops is hoops, of course, and Connect Four is that game you played when you were younger and usually involved battling one of your siblings. Usually, it ended in a fight.

No One Was Ever This Happy Losing At Connect Four

If you were really lucky, you had the travel version and would drive your parents crazy on long trips because inevitably, someone would get super salty and flip the little switch at the bottom that made all the checkers fall out.

The next time you stopped for gas or food you had to crawl around on the floor of the minivan picking up all those mini-checkers. If you were the one who threw a fit, you were usually the one having to scour the floor in search of all the little red and black discs.


Seven years ago, The Hub’s Family Game Night introduced the world – or anyone who watched The Hub – to “Basketball Connect Four.”

The premise is exactly how it sounds.

Instead of checkers, players take turns shooting a basketball through different hoops into a Connect Four-like board structure.

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