Rapper/Producer/Founder of the Big3 League Ice Cube posted a challenge to LaVar Ball on his Instagram account back in May: If Lavar makes one of the Big3’s signature four-point shots, Cube would order $4,950.00 worth of ZO2 sneakers.

As a reminder, this is the man who would not only “kill” Michael Jordan one-on-one back in his heyday, but then announced he could do it with one hand tied behind his back after MJ finally responded, saying he didn’t think Ball could beat him if he was one-legged.

Fair enough, GOAT, fair enough.

To the world’s delight, LaVar accepted the challenge! It just never sounded (literally) like Cube would soon be the owner of 10 pairs of the Big Baller Brand shoes.

LaVar took to Twitter to not only accept Ice Cube’s challenge but to sweeten the pot.

He tells Cube if he makes the 4-point shot that the rapper will have to buy his entire AAU team a pair of ZO2’s.

It never appeared that Cube’s bank account was in jeopardy because as you heard, LaVar hit the loudest brick in the history of basketball.

Nothing was really said about it until late last week when Cube reminded the Ball Family patriarch of the challenge.

“Me and you can hit the court and do that 4-point shot in front of everybody, if you want to do this,” Cube said. “Then I’ll buy the Big Baller Brands for your whole team.”

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