Demarcus Cousins spent seven years of his career in Sacramento, and while the rest of the league may not have understood him, Kings fans knew the good things Boogie did in the community – as well as on the court.

The Kings have earned a reputation for not exactly being the best-run organization in the NBA but drafting Cousins, arguably the best center in the Association, fifth overall in 2010 was one of Sacramento’s better moves.

Trading him in Feb. 2017 probably wasn’t.

At least, not in the fans’ eyes.

Make no mistake: Boogie is definitely an acquired taste. His personality is a cross between strong and silent and ruthlessly savage.

What you see is what you get with Cousins and it translates on the court.

And Kings fans loved every facet of their big man.

Seeing your favorite player leave for another team is tough; when it’s your front office that sends him across the country to partner up with one of the hottest power forwards in the NBA – Anthony Davis – and continue to dominate the boards, it’s frustrating.

When Cousins returned to Sacramento Thursday night, the fans at the Golden 1 Center showed him just how much he meant to them.

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