Getting a 300 in bowling is hard enough. In fact, getting a strike is hard. Only the pros can do it consistently. Even then, they can’t do it every frame. A 300 doesn’t happen all that often.

Just in case if you don’t know, a 300 is an absolutely perfect game. That means, the bowler gets a strike every frame. In the tenth frame, he gets two more. Twelve strikes in a row wraps up a perfect game.

Seriously, there are professional bowlers who don’t do that every game. Then, along comes Ben Ketola. This guy not only bowls a perfect game, but he does it in the fastest time possible. He is literally lining up and throwing them down. He bowls twelve strikes in 90 seconds.

Most people can’t even bowl one ball in 90 seconds. This guy comes along and bowls them all.

Get All The High Fives In The World

Ben definitely deserves all the high fives. He should be tearing up in the professional bowling world. Wherever they put the pros to do their bowling thing, that’s where he belongs. They should put him there with them.

Does He Have Sponsorship Coming His Way?

If “cash me ousside” can make a run for her money, Ben definitely deserves the spotlight for a cool minute. He could sponsor shoes, gloves, balls…etc. The world is his oyster. He should be fielding quite a few possibilities right now.

There Is No Greater Feeling

What is it like for him to stroll into the bowling alley now? He can strut his stuff like he’s cock on the block. He gets the best lane in the house and the free beer. That’s winning! Nothing feels as good as that!

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