Most adults won’t admit they still watch WWE Raw and know it’s no longer called the “Divas Division” anymore, but you know someone’s watching.

How else would they pull in three million viewers on Monday nights and still sell out arena after arena across North America?


Something else to think about: If someone claims they haven’t paid attention to the WWE since the Monday Night Wars of the 90’s, how do they know who John Cena is?

Do they just think he’s made over 500 Make A Wish appearances because he was in an Amy Schumer movie?


Maybe Cena isn’t the best example since he does market a lot of products and there are thousands of memes of him all over the Internet.

It still doesn’t change the fact that more grown-ups know that Dean Ambrose is on the Smackdown roster and A.J. Styles is a part of the Raw lineup than anyone will admit.


The point to all of this is that you may feel a little silly admitting to watching professional wrestling but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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