At some point, anyone who has ever taken a hired driver – whether it’s a taxi, shuttle, or a ride-share service – has experienced an adventure that had them texting their friends and posting on Facebook: “You won’t believe what just happened!”.

There are countless stories online about drivers who’ve had no idea where they’re going or had some kind of personal drama going on while they’re chauffeuring you around.


Honestly, you can probably even look back to your childhood when you and your friends would carpool to practices and there was always that one really nice mom who would sit behind the wheel of her minivan and the devil himself would manifest the second traffic hit or she got cut off.


More often than not, those cases are rare but having a driver who’s a little chatty isn’t.

You can’t really blame them; their jobs involve them being alone for long stretches of time and that can get downright boring if you’re an outgoing person.


But what C.J. McCollum experienced on his way to the airport is both hilarious and definitely a SMH moment.

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