He may not be now, but Cam Newton was once the face of Under Armour.

Newton signed the largest sneaker deal for an NFL rookie back in 2011 and UA went all-in with their marketing campaign.

He was everything Under Armour needed: Young, handsome, insanely athletic, polarizing.

Since then, Steph Curry has become their No. 1 guy, largely due to NBA players being able to market their own shows 82 games a year.

Basketball shoes, historically, are what sell.

In 2016 that changed slightly when Adidas Superstars were the No. 1 sneakers sold in the U.S. and Converse Chuck Taylors were third.

Adidas even overtook Jordan as the No. 2 sneaker brand in the land, and some credit to Kanye West’s Yeezy lifestyle shoe should be given.

So it was time for UA to put out their own.

They have Cam Newton’s C1N to show for their efforts.

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