If you watched the NBA Finals there is no doubt that something about this Warriors squad was different than in the previous two years.

Obviously, that something different was Kevin Durant and the popular “superteam” Golden State’s front office had built.

He Switched Teams To Make It Happen But KD’s Finally A Champion

The 2016 Warriors team may hold the league’s best record in history of 73-9 but the 2017 Dubs were even better.

Partly because of the addition of Durant, partly because the depth the team was built with, and partly the coaching staff’s strict scheme; everybody has a role and everyone will fulfill that role to the best of their abilities.

Initially, This Superteam Didn’t Cost Much To Put Together But That’s About To Change

A record of 67-15 is nothing to shake a stick at. The six more losses (or six less wins, however you want to look at it) had a lot to do with other teams being better prepared for the firepower in the Warriors’ arsenal.

In the end, Golden State was able to finish the job and are NBA champions for the second time in three years.

They Have The Best Chance For Another Run In ’18 Too

On the surface, isn’t doesn’t appear the Warriors will be relinquishing their crown anytime soon. Especially after the way they manhandled the Cavaliers throughout the Finals.

But if you dig a little deeper, is there hope for another team to do something, anything about the Dubs?

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