Despite being around for almost 100 years, hockey is still a niche sport, reserved for the northern part of the United States, although some non-traditional markets have had their bouts of success over the years.

In fact, Las Vegas will be home to the NHL’s newest franchise The Golden Knights next season. Hockey in a desert, who’d a thunk it?

Support Is Pouring In For Las Vegas’ New NHL Club

Combine the niche factor with the hot storylines of the NBA postseason and it really isn’t a stretch to say that the NBA has completely eclipsed the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

That’s not to say that the NHL hasn’t seen its fair share of stories in the playoffs.

The playoff push in the Eastern Conference literally came down to the final day of regular season play, the heavily favored Chicago Blackhawks were swept by the lowest-seeded Nashville Predators, and one of the sports’ best players and biggest stars, Sidney Crosby of the Penguins, took a vicious shot to the head in Pittsburgh’s Game 3 match-up against the Washington Capitals.

It isn’t that there aren’t any storylines in the NHL, they just aren’t getting a lot of attention from a lot of Americans.

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