Say what you want about small town markets, but one thing you can’t deny is they have big-time passion.

Thunder players have talked about the loyalty and love their fans show them 365 days a year. Even former players who leave on their own accord eventually admit that the OKC fanbase is strong.

They’ve been rewarded this offseason after their lives were shattered last summer.

First, Paul George. Now, Carmelo Anthony.

There’s no guarantee either player, or the king of OKC Russell Westbrook, will be around next summer.

Some will hope, some will pray, they will all soak in every moment of this season like it’s their last chance for a title – at least for a while.

When Paul George arrived in Oklahoma City, he was met by droves of Thunder fans, cheering and screaming for the 27-year-old forward like he was LeBron James.

After Kevin Durant left, to them, he was.

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