If you’re the Golden State Warriors, celebrating should come as second nature to you. Unless you’re Matt Barnes, JaVale McGee, David West, or Kevin Durant. In that case, you’ve waited a long time to celebrate.

But as a collective, this is the Warriors’ second championship in three years, so it wasn’t that long ago that they were celebrating the franchise’s first title in 40 years. This time around, the Oakland community had a lot shorter waiting period.

Never the less, the team and city celebrated as though they’d never won the title before, which makes the festivities surrounding the 2017 NBA Championship fun to look back on.

After the initial party following their Game 5, title-clinching victory, the Warriors participated in a massive parade that an estimated one million fans came to see. After the parade, it was immediately time for the finale.

After the parade, it was immediately time for the finale – as far as celebrations go – in Las Vegas. Not all roster members were there, the most notable absentee being Steph Curry, but the bulk of the superteam – Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Andre Iguodala were, along with team owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber boarded an MGM plane. Destination: #DubsDoVegas.

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