In one of the many memorable skits Chance starred in last Saturday night, he plays Lazlo Holmes, MSG Network’s Knicks reporter who fills in rinkside for the guy that regularly covers the Rangers but is out on paternity leave.

Lazlo has no clue what’s going on and the results are pretty hilarious.


Not only does he poke fun at the fact that the sport makes no sense to him, he misses the Knicks, and is freezing.

Chance’s depiction of a hoops guy forced to cover hockey is priceless and even if you aren’t a hockey fan, you’ll probably completely feel where Lazlo is coming from!

Check Out The Skit:

The reviews for Chance The Rapper’s hosting job have been overwhelmingly positive so there’s a good chance he’s asked to host SNL again.

Let’s hope next time, Lazlo Holmes is asked to cover another sport like curling or NASCAR!

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