Throughout his entire playing and broadcasting career, Charles Barkley has found his name in headlines for saying controversial things.

He infamously said he wasn’t a role model and his criticism of LeBron James got to the point that the King finally called Barkley “a hater.”


His constant on-air battles with Shaquille O’Neal are one of the reasons people tune into the NBA on TNT and stick around for the post-show long after the game is over.

Sometimes, fans don’t even watch the game, just the banter between the two Hall of Famers.

To call Barkey “outspoken” is an understatement. He lights fires in people, who know it’s better just to leave it alone but can’t help themselves and jump right into the verbal sparring with him.

That’s who Barkley is, who he’s always been, and who he will continue to be.

But at some point, and probably sooner rather than later, don’t you feel like someone will have had enough and really go all-in on Barkley?

His latest comments may be the final straw.

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