It was the most infamous catch – or non-catch – in the Chicago Cubs’ storied history.

The year was 2003 and the Cubbies were facing the (then) Florida Marlins in the NLCS.

Chicago was up 3-2 and was hosting the Marlins at Wrigley Field in Game 6.

At the top of the eighth, the Cubs held a 3-0 lead and were five outs away from their first World Series trip since 1945.

A series of unfortunate events, all blamed on one man, lead to the Marlins coming back and winning Game 6 8-3.

Ever since that fateful night, Cubs fans all believed the reason they didn’t make it to the Series all boiled down to one man, one non-catch.

‘The Steve Bartman Incident’:

Bartman became the most-hated man in the Windy City. If you watch the video, you can plainly see that Bartman is not the only fan who reached for the ball. He just happened to be the unlucky one to have touched it. But he was instantly vilified throughout the city.

Most people who weren’t Cubs fans knew Bartman wasn’t solely to blame. And many of those people sat at home watching a visibly uncomfortable Bartman take insult after insult from the crowd.

Bartman Sat There Miserable

He was instantly vilified throughout the city and in the hearts of every Chicago Cubs fan across the world.

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