If you’ve missed ChinaKlay, and let’s be honest – who hasn’t? – you’ll be very relieved to find out that he is back and better than ever!

If, for whatever reason, you’re not sure who ChinaKlay is, we’ll give you a quick refresher.

Back in June, Klay Thompson not only won his secondĀ  NBA title, but he also signed a 10-year deal with the Chinese sneaker company ANTA so he was obviously already in good spirits when he hit the Land of the Red Dragon the following month.

Thompson was the first athlete to take China by storm this summer and out of all of the memorable moments we saw from Dwyane Wade and Steph Curry, no one had a better time than Thompson.

Hence, the birth of his alter-ego: ChinaKlay.

ChinaKlay did all sorts of things while he was in the People’s Republic like dance, DJ, miss dunks, and eat spicy food.

One of the main reasons there was (unfortunately) not just to entertain everyone back home but to promote ANTA, but he saved his best promotion of his signature sneaker for October, right before he and the Warriors defend their title.

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