What’s the first word that pops into your head when you hear “cheerleaders?”

Is it…happy, bubbly, peppy? In other words, something to do with being cheerful, right?

It’s because cheerleaders embody the qualities of being positive at all times.


To an extent, it’s true. Think back to your high school days and think of your cheer squad – how many of them were complete downers?

Probably not many, if any at all.


Like in anything else, there are always exceptions.

Let’s face it: not everyone can be that cheerful all the time, but overall the idea that cheerleaders are always smiling is true.

There’s another misconception: being chipper is all cheerleaders are.


It’s definitely not the case.

Cheerleaders are athletes themselves. Many of them have a gymnastics or dance background.

Now you know how they can pull off all those bends and flips and kicks and jumps without collapsing in a heap on the sidelines in exhaustion!

One cheer coach took the idea that cheerleaders are flexible a little too far and was fired for it…Head over to the next page for the video…

A Denver high school cheer coach has been fired after pushing a 13-year-old girl onto the mat into a split after she repeatedly screamed in pain for him to stop.

It was all caught on video, too.

She Begs Him To Stop

Ally Wakefield says her now-former cheer coach, Ozell Williams, tore one of her ligaments and one of her leg muscles after she was forced into a split, a practice commonly known as “breaking.” video shows Ally crying as she almost in the split while other girls are holding her down and her coach is pushing her body toward the mat.

The video shows Ally crying as she is almost in the split while other girls are holding her down and her coach is pushing her body further toward the mat.

Warning: The Video May Be Difficult To Watch:

Since Ally released the cell phone video to local authorities and news outlets in the Denver area, other girls have come forward saying “breaking” by the same coach has happened to them as well.

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