Sometimes pro athletes get bad reps. A lot of times, unfairly.

Not that some of them don’t deserve the negative press that gets thrown their way, but there are others who hit a nerve with folks, so the knee-jerk reaction is to drink the haterade.

Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of professional athletes do an enormous amount of charity work, with the majority of them even starting up their own foundations.

Pacman Jones Has Had A Lot Of Off The Field Trouble

There isn’t one league or organization that doesn’t want their employees doing something for the community.

Even the NCAA pushes its collegiate athletes to get involved and give back.

Out of the tens of thousands of amateur and pro athletes in the United States alone, how many do you hear about giving back?

Cam Newton Is Heavily Involved With Kids’ Charities

Guess what? Even the athletes you may not like or think are arrogant or cocky do a fair amount of charity work.

You just may not hear much about it. Negative headlines sell, as sad as it is both for the consumers and the subject of the media’s ire.

Kaepernick Inspired Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe

Colin Kaepernick is a free agent quarterback who saw a lot of success in his early years in the league with the 49ers, even taking San Francisco one game away from Super Bowl XLVIII, losing to the eventual SB champs in the NFC Championship game.

But one act made a lot of NFL fans’ rethink their stance on Kaepernick, even though he has never been arrested or done anything illegal at all for that matter.

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