Ever since mixed martial arts became popular people have been debating which is the better combat sport, boxing or MMA. Boxing has roots dating back to Ancient Greece, and was introduced to the Olympics in 688 B.C. With its history going back so far, there’s no surprise that the majority of historians will tell you it’s superior to MMA. Ask people of the newer generations and you’re going to find a growing contingent that thinks the opposite. Nobody is right, it’s a matter of preference and opinion.

MMA fighters must be proficient at a multitude of skills, whereas boxers focus on that one particular style. That’s what makes the MMA vs boxing argument so difficult. Who would win in a battle if you matched up the two best at their respective sport. The answer is probably whichever sport they choose to compete in, that competitor will be the victor, but as with any fight, both men have a puncher’s chance. properly landed shot can end the fight. That’s why people are so hyped up about the proposed fight between UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor and one of boxing’s all-time greats Floyd Mayweather.

With the bout being inches away from happening, the hype train is in full motion. Floyd said he’s out of retirement and training, and Conor is focusing all of his time to training for Floyd. Who will emerge victorious? Well, it is a boxing match, so the money is on Floyd, but Conor does have knockout power in his left hand. The chance that he could be the first to ever defeat Mayweather in a professional bout is enough to watch, the fact that we finally get to see MMA vs Boxing makes it a must-buy PPV event.

McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh sat down and discussed how they’re preparing for Money Mayweather in a recent interview. Any fight fan should watch.

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