Damian Lillard is one of the best sports follows on Twitter.

Not only is he just a truly likable guy, but he’s also socially conscious, a talented rapper, and a deep thinker.

Usually, Dame can be a surefire bet to answer one of the many questions his 1.28 million followers ask him.

And because he answers, people keep asking.

Sometimes, he doesn’t even get asked a question but responds anyway. (Side note: Is Lillard actually doing a Twitter search of himself?!)

At other times, he throws shade at getting snubbed for an All-Star the past two seasons, even though his numbers are definitely good enough.

Why does Lillard keep getting snubbed when his first year in the league he was named the Rookie of the Year, followed by back-to-back All-Star nods?

Many think it’s because he plays on the Trail Blazers, which haven’t had a ton of success in recent years and is a quieter market than a lot of the teams in the Western Conference.

Which brings up an interesting point…

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