There’s been a lot of stirring coming out of the Conor McGregor camp as of late after his sparring partner had quit over some photos released on social media.

One side twisted it that it was because McGregor kept getting the best of him, while the other side argued it was because of the disrespect he was being shown by McGregor and his team.

In the photo on the left, it shows McGregor’s former sparring partner, Paulie Malignaggi, a two-time world titlist, backing away from the MMA champ. In the photo on the right, Malignaggi is on the canvas with McGregor standing over him.

So it appears that the side arguing that McGregor was besting the 20-year boxing vet was correct, right?

Malignaggi went on a whirlwind press junket claiming “not so fast.”

So, either UFC president Dana White heard a lot of Malignaggi’s interviews, read a lot of comments from MMA and boxing publications, or was told by several people that Malignaggi was painting his prized UFC fighter and White in a bad light, the UFC boss went ahead and released the videos.

Head to Page 2 to watch the video of what really went down…

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