No one seems to be sure when this started, he may have been doing it for every technical foul shot he’s taken since 2009, but he’s done it twice in about a week, so it’s starting to look like a ritual at this point.

When players shoot FTs, most get high-fives or daps from their teammates after their shots.

DeRozan goes so far to keep this routine pretty tight that he even daps no one.

There’s absolutely no one there but he daps anyway! Then he casually jogs back to his defensive position like it’s completely normal to “Phantom Dap,” which landed him on Shaq’s Shaqtin’ A Fool segment.

Unfairly if you ask us.

Less then a week later, he was back “Phantom Dapping” during the Raptor’s matchup against the Rockets.

What’s pretty funny is that every other player just goes about their business, so either they have noticed it before, didn’t realize what he did, or they just don’t care.

Either way, it’s great and we hope he keeps the “Phantom Dap” up.

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