Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and New Orleans Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins know the feeling of being labeled as a “bad boy” all too well.

While Suh was a member of the Lions, he had a reputation for being a dirty player. Even though, he’s been named “America’s most charitable athlete” before. Now, you don’t get that kind of reputation for dropping a few thousand dollars once or twice. We’re talking about all professional athletes, not just NFL players.

Think about that for a second. Could it be that Suh lets emotions get the best of him in the heat of the game?


We’re by no means justifying any kind of play or tackle that could hurt anyone in any sport, but could the refs have thrown some of these flags for other players doing the same thing but were fixated on Suh because of past transgressions? Absolutely.

Cousins is another player who has been branded a “bad boy” over the years.

“He talks too much trash,” “He’s dirty,” “He’s too aggressive,” “He complains too much.”

You’ve all seen the comments. So what is a player to do?

You Can Poke Fun At Your “Bad Boy” Label, Like Suh And Cousins:

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