DeMarcus Cousins is one of those players you either love or hate.

If he’s on your team, you love him. If he isn’t, he’s a menacing defender with an attitude that matches. Unless you’re a Kings fan, then you still love him and probably always will.

Sacramento welcomes Boogie back 🙏

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Despite his rep, he actually is one of the good guys in pro sports.

Actually, Cousins is a great guy. He gives a lot of his money, time, and energy to the communities he lives in – past and present.

Boogie is one of the best defenders in the game, is extremely committed to giving back, and is also quite popular among his peers.


However, there are STILL some people who don’t give the man a lot of respect and it’s a shame.

Recently, Boogie explained the movie Titanic for some unknown reason. Maybe just to entertain NBA fans, maybe he’s a Leo DiCaprio fan, or maybe someone thought it would be a good way for him to connect with his haters.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad he did – flip to Page 2 so you can be too…

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