Watching Boogie Cousins explain the plot of the 1997 Academy Award-winning film may be the best thing you’ll see all week.

It’s not that he has any groundbreaking revelations, it’s the fact that he explains it in only a way Boogie can.


Some highlights of what you’re about to witness:

  • Boogie described the Titanic as “a nice little cruise out somewhere in the ocean”
  • He reminds us that the ship hit an iceberg, just in case you forgot
  • He says “Jack, being the player that he was,” not once, but twice
  • In his second usage of the term, he is pretty worked up that Jack let Rose float on the door but she wouldn’t let him come on and made him stay in the water, where he froze.
  • He ends it by asking if you know what the movie is called

Watch This Epic Explanation Of Titanic:

If Boogie ever wanted a side hustle, he could definitely make it as a movie critic.

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