It’s been a busy off-season for NBA superstar Derrick Rose. In June, the former league MVP was traded from his hometown Chicago Bulls to the New York Knicks. Two months later, a woman going by the name of “Jane Doe” sued Rose and two of his friends in civil court for $21.5 million for an alleged rape that took place in 2013.

Although Rose has not been charged criminally in the case, there is a criminal investigation underway by the LAPD into the events that Doe claims occurred in August 2013, and the civil trial against Rose, Ryan Allen, and Randall Hampton began last week in Los Angeles.

Aside from the biggest debate of the trial, which has been the keyword consent, there’s been another focus from the media: the graphic descriptions of the night in question from Rose, Allen, and Hampton.

However, one of the biggest bombs that was dropped wasn’t the detail of the sexually-charged evening, but something Rose said during his testimony that has a lot of people talking.

There Have Been Bombs Dropped On The Criminal Side Too

According to Rose, the reason there was no evidence of the condom used on the plaintiff is because Rose claims the NBA tells players to take prophylactics with them after they are with a woman.

“In my profession they teach us to make sure you get the condom if you can’t flush it… It’s kind of normal with my profession,” Rose said at the trial.

The three-time All-Star said he placed the used condom into its wrapper and then put it in his pocket. Rose testified that he and other rookies in his 2008 draft class were taught this technique during the NBA’s “Rookie Transition Program” in Orlando, Florida where they received “classes on sex.”

“You have to be very careful what you do with your condoms,” Rose continued. “This girl wasn’t someone I was going to introduce to my family or my mom… No way I was going to leave a condom anywhere around her apartment. I was trained to do it.”

This may open a Pandora’s Box for the NBA from a PR standpoint. If what Rose said is true, they may want to implement a new training manual.

Derrick Rose Addresses LAPD Investigation:

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