One of the best parts of the NBA “offseason” is the summer leagues.

Not just the Summer League, but all of the different leagues that take place around the globe.

The Drew League, for instance, gave NBA and Rockets fans a glimpse of what they can expect now that Chris Paul will join James Harden in the backcourt:

And yes, even the league’s official league gave everyone insight on what they could see from NBA rookies.

After No. 1 overall draft pick Markelle Fultz went down with an ankle injury in the beginning of the tournament, all eyes turned to the Lakers’ second overall pick, Lonzo Ball.

Ball, whose father has been notorious for claiming his son will end L.A.’s playoff drought, did not disappoint, picking up MVP honors along the way.

An entertainment value has also been added into the mix after rapper/producer Ice Cube ventured into the hoops business this summer with the Big3 League.

Traditionalists aren’t too keen on the way Cube has shaken up basketball but fans have gladly put their hard-earned dollars down for a chance to watch NBA legends go at it.

But let’s face it: the Big3 League doesn’t mean anything for today’s NBA.

To an extent, very few players who participated in Summer League will have an immediate impact.

The Drew League isn’t the only league where current players can keep their chops up with other NBA-ers during the downtime of the summer months.

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