Every team has questions when their season ends:

“What will happen with [insert star player] and the contract negotiations?” 

“Will [insert team name] keep their underperforming coach?”

“How will [insert team name] add depth in the draft?”

No team may have more questions than the Los Angeles Clippers.

After reuniting with the coach he helped bring a championship back to Boston with in L.A., Paul Pierce wasn’t playing the minutes he once did, but Doc Rivers used him when he needed a clutch player, a big body with quick feet to stop the opposition.

The Truth played for 19 seasons, 26,397 points, 7,527 rebounds, and 4,708 assists, and walked off the court as a player for the final time on April 30th, following the Clippers’ ousting from the playoffs at the hands of the Jazz.

That’s one legend gone in L.A. and there could be more following.

Will The “Big 3” Be Split Up?

Three core players could be moving on this offseason, with J.J. Redick at the forefront, considering he is an unrestricted free agent.

In 2016-17, Redick made 44.5-percent of his field goals, shot 42.9-percent from behind the arc and 89.1-percent from the free throw line.

His metrics are good enough that if his time in L.A. is over after four seasons, he should have no problem landing on another roster pretty quickly.

Redick Averaged 15 Points Per Game This Season

However, the fate of two other current Clippers is a little murkier.

Doc Rivers opened up about the future of the Clippers, check it out on Page 2…

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