Before the opening round playoff series between the Rockets and Thunder began, most of the excitement was focused on the two MVP frontrunners, James Harden (Houston) and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City).

The storyline was an NBA dream: the two best players of the season going head-to-head and the fact that they were good friends added to the narrative.

The Battle Is Being Won By Harden And Houston

Despite Westbrook putting up Westbrook stats (meaning: he’s averaging a triple-double for the series 35 points,11.7 rebounds, 11.25 assists), the Thunder trail the Rockets 3-1 with the pivotal Game 5 coming Tuesday night.

Either the Thunder can rally around their superstar and give him some help to stay in it or they will be ushered out of the postseason at the hands of a Rockets team on a mission.

Can Russ Bring The Thunder Back From The Brink?

The irony of all of the Harden Vs. Westbrook in the court talk is that it fizzled down quickly because Westbrook is one of the most outspoken NBA players around, so with each passing press conference, the media has new fodder to focus on.

Regardless of what side of the Westbrook fan base you fall into, one thing is certain: Russ was correct in calling out the Rockets’ bench for this incident that happened Sunday night involving his Thunder teammate Andre Roberson.

Roberson Has Struggled With Free Throws This Season

Roberson was hacked and sent to the charity stripe, but the Houston bench’s reaction was…more than a little disrespectful.

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