If you sift through the list of the greatest sports video games of all time, Draymond Green’s won’t be on the list.

Even if you look at the top-selling games of 2016, it still isn’t there:

  1. NBA 2K17
  2. Need For Speed (2015)
  3. FIFA 17
  4. NBA 2K16 (2015)
  5. WWE 2K16 (2015)
  6. Mortal Kombat (2011)
  7. Cars (2006)
  8. Forza Horizon 3
  9. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (2014)
  10. Need For Speed: Carbon (2006)

The NBA 2K Franchise Is One Of The Most Successful All Time

Lately, NBA Playgrounds is getting a ton of love for its low price ($19.95) and ease of accessibility.

Unlike the market-cornering NBA 2K17, NBA Playgrounds is by no means a basketball simulation game. The graphics are more arcade style and the moves that you can perform are exaggerated and over the top.

NBA Playground: Where Street Meets Jam



From the initial viewing of the game, it appears that the New Jersey-based video game developer is going for an old school NBA Jam feel instead of the incredibly popular NBA 2K17, with an homage to NBA Street mixed in


You Can Fly To New Heights

But if the thought the old school-feel graphics of Playgrounds excites you, the makers of Draymond Green’s game have got you covered.

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