Fair or not, there aren’t many NBA fans outside of Oakland, California that would say the Warriors All-Star forward, Draymond Green, is a humble guy.

But something Green said about Lakers F Julius Randle may change their mind.

During a preseason game between Los Angeles and the Dubs in Oct.2015, Randle shouted “He can’t guard me!” after charging past Green and drawing a foul. The clip went viral almost instantly and Green’s reaction that his respect for Randle deepened after the incident picked up some steam as well.

The two have described their relationship as a “friendly rivalry and mentorship” after becoming close over the last few years, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone – including the Golden State nay-sayers – that Green had some pretty high praise for Randle.

Is Randle The Next Green?

Julius Randle, Draymond Green

Now that the Warriors’ former assistant Luke Walton is calling the shots in L.A., Green’s comments are being retreaded throughout the internet. Per the OC Register:

Green believes Randle “can be real special,” raving about his length, athleticism and playmaking. Green also said he considers the comparisons between him and Randle “cool.” […] Those comparisons have been drawn more frequently with Randle’s expected emergence under new Lakers coach Luke Walton, who spent the previous two seasons as a Golden State assistant.

Will Randle validate those comparisons? […] “I think he can. I also think he has the potential to be better,” Green said. “With the God-given gifts he has, he has the potential to be better. I’ll continue to grow. I’ll never stop working and I’ll continue to get better. But what is he, 21? That’s a lot of time to continue to grow.”

Walton said he “absolutely” saw Randle and Green as a “good comparison” before praising their athleticism and playmaking. He then pointed out Green’s superior jump shooting before complimenting Randle for his offseason efforts to improve in that area. Walton then added, “that could be someone you compare to down the road.”

Watch The Moment That Started It All:

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