If you live in Florida, or have been there on vacation, and spent a few days on the links, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll catch a glimpse of some crazy wildlife lurking about.

It’s honestly nothing new, and not to scare you away from the Sunshine State, but it’s actually a common occurrence to see an alligator on a golf course.

Seriously, just google it.

Other places around the world also have golf courses and even if the animal of record isn’t a gator, there’s a good possibility their own indigenous creatures will make an appearance.

Like this moose in Sweden who chased this poor lad after a brief standoff.

Elkrunner??? Dramatik på golfbanan??

Nai-post ni Tony Swahn noong Martes, Hunyo 27, 2017

Talk about speeding the game of golf up.

Watch This Hilarious Video Of Golf Rules Explained By Animals:

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