Quick: What’s the first food you think of when someone says “New York?”

Did you immediately think of a big, cheesy, greasy, gooey, slice of pizza? Maybe you thought of a bagel; hey, that works, too.

What about Philadelphia? Miami?

You probably associate specific sandwiches for both cities, right?

How no one has ever come up with the idea before Uproxx’s David Rappoccio and Bramucci did is beyond us, but we’re glad they did.

Take a look through all 32 NFL logos reimagined into the city/region/area’s most famous food, then let everyone know if you agree with their food selections or not.

There’s got to be some dissension in the ranks over some of these…

AFC East

Buffalo Wings

Original: Buffalo Bills
This one’s a no brainer, however, there will be people who swear [Insert City Name] has far better wings than Buffalo.

New England Clam Chowder

Original: New England Patriots
Another no brainer, although some could argue lobster could be used as well.

New York Slice

Original: New York Jets
We’ve already been over this: Nothing says “New York food” like pizza. Or bagels. There’s actually a lot of food that can be associated with the Big Apple but we’re standing by Uproxx’s choice.

Miami Cuban Sandwiches

Original: Miami Dolphins
What else could you put for Miami? Some type of seafood, but the city should be represented by its proud Cuban heritage.


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