AFC North

Cleveland Pierogies

Original: Cleveland Browns
There are quite a few cities in the Midwest alone that could claim pierogies as “theirs,” but Cleveland gets to claim them.

Pittsburgh Cabbage Rolls

Original: Pittsburgh Steelers
If you’ve never had or have even heard of a cabbage roll, you’re definitely not from Pittsburgh, or really anywhere in that part of the country.


Baltimore Crab Cakes

Original: Baltimore Ravens
When you go to Baltimore the very first place a local is going to take you is for some crab cakes. There’s not just a handful of places you could wind up at either, it seems like it’s thousands. Pro tip: Don’t ask for any fancy sauce, just saltines. You’re welcome.

Cincinnati Chili

Original: Cincinnati Bengals
This is not what you’re thinking it is. This is a spiced meat sauce that you put over spaghetti or hot dogs, not the traditional chili you’ve come to know and love.
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