NFC South

New Orleans Gumbo

Original: New Orleans Saints
There are a ton of restaurants in the Big Easy that offer you Gumbo as a side instead of fries, although they could have gone with jambalaya here too.

Carolina Pulled Pork

Original: Carolina Panthers
If Kansas City-style BBQ isn’t your thing, maybe you prefer the Carolina way of barbecue sauce which is a vinegar base.

Atlanta Fried Okra

Original: Atlanta Falcons
You could go with anything fried here but they went with okra. It’s the Deep South. You have to have grits or okra. End of story.

Tampa Bay Smoked Mullet

Original: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
This one has us over here at SportsHeist scratching our heads. Something with oranges? Sure, makes sense. Grouper? Yup, that too. We don’t get the mullet correlation (and we googled it).
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