NFC West

Arizona Fry Bread

Original: Arizona Cardinals
From Uproxx:  The Navajo trace fry bread back to the late 1800s — it was born out of necessity and made from government issued flour, sugar, salt and lard. These days, fry bread is still a beloved snack (and calorie bomb) throughout much of Arizona’s traditional Navajo land — both the sweetened version (like an elephant ear) and the savory (with ground beef, often called a “Navajo taco”) are fantastic.

San Francisco Sourdough

Original: San Francisco 49ers
Word on the street is as SF becomes one of the coolest and trendiest cities in the world, their famous food quality is now more like infamous.

Seattle Smoked Salmon

Original: Seattle Seahawks
Clever logo for the Pacific Northwest’s most well-known fish.

Los Angeles Ramens

Original: Los Angeles Rams
This one was pretty personal for the Uproxx team, so we’ll let them explain itThe long and short of it is: Ramen is the only food that L.A. does better than anyone else (David Chang might be the country’s best ramen chef, but L.A.’s top five ramen spots crush NYC’s top five). The only other dishes in contention for the “Los Angeles does it best” title: donuts, Korean-Mexican fusion, and chicken and waffles (ROSCOE’S 4 EVA).

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