The biggest sporting event of the year – bigger than the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Finals combined – is Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but the fight itself is highly anticipated and big money has already invested and stands to be made by just about everyone involved,

In fact, it’s being called the “The $180 Million Dance.”


Why “The $180 Million Dance,” you ask?┬áBecause that’s the reported total purse (100/80 split in favor of the boxer) but that’s actually lowballing it.

The most recent reports have said Mayweather, the 41-year-old former champion could make as much as $700 million with some prognosticators putting his possible award money close to $1 billion.

Yes, with a “B.”


29-year-old reigning UFC Lightweight Champion McGregor will make markedly less – as was the plan all along.

The two signed confidentiality agreements not to publicly disclose the purse prizes and there are stipulations that need to be met (such as reaching all of the alleged metrics the promoters set forth) so no one really knows what the contracts stipulate financially.

The hype for this has taken on a life of its own.

There were four major press conferences in three countries in four days last month: Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and finally in London.

Just in case people missed these two dissing each other the first four rounds, there was also a welcoming reception in Vegas in which the two went at it, throwing the same insults they’ve been hurling at each other for two years on social media.

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