Recently, Nike has revealed some new details from their new deal with the NBA that will take place on October 1st.

It’s cutting it a little close since league commissioner Adam Silver decided to move up the start of the 2017-18 season by a couple weeks in order to help eliminate the number of back-to-back games players have complained about for years.

Regardless of how close it gets, we’re talking about Nike – the world’s biggest sports apparel juggernaut, so not only will all the kinks be worked out, it will likely all go down flawlessly.

One of the biggest changes people are looking forward to is that the NBA will no longer have designated home and away uniforms. Starting this season, the league is moving to “editions,” with each team having four and eight more having an additional throw-back.

However, these biggest question everyone has is what the actual uniforms will look like since only a few have been revealed.

Hoops fan and digital artist Brian Begley said, “Who cares?” and designed his own.

They just may be better than the real thing, too!

Boston Celtics

Caption: NBA Nike Uniform Design Concepts for the @celtics. They don’t require much change, but an alternate set of vintage uniforms would be awesome!

Oklahoma City Thunder

Caption: NBA Nike Uniform Design Concepts for @okcthunder. On top of designing these uniforms, I also went a step further and designed a new badge/logo for OKC. The new logo can be seen on the shorts. Also, I wanted to push the boundaries of creating a design that paid homage to the old Supersonics uniforms. Some will like and some will hate, but that’s OK!! ????

Denver Nuggets

Caption: Working on some Nike NBA uniform design concepts. Incorporating the current Nike basketball uniform technology, and some old and new design elements, I’ll be continuously updating my website with more designs to come! Tap the link in my profile!

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