If this year’s NBA Finals feels like you’ve been here before, it’s because you have; we’re entering the third straight installment of “Warriors Vs. Cavaliers” for the league title.

You also know that the head-to-head championship series is knotted at one game a piece, so this year, we get the pleasure of watching two talented team duke it out for rings and bragging rights.

According to former coach and current analyst Jeff Van Gundy, this one is a no-brainer: The Warriors are the overwhelmingly superior team who are on a different level than everyone else, including King James & the Cavaliers. Van Gundy believes Golden State will be in the Finals for the next “8 to 10” years. There’s one small contrasting point to that: James is in his seventh-straight NBA Finals, dating back to his time with the Heat. At minimum, the Warriors have four years to catch up to him.

Here are five reasons why he’s wrong and the King will retain his throne:

5. 3-Point Shooting

You probably never thought you’d see the day when someone had the edge on Golden State when it comes to nailing shots from behind the arc, but the time has come.

Cleveland is shooting more treys per game this postseason than GS at a ratio of 33.6 to 31.3. They’re also sinking them at a higher percentage, .435 for the Cavs to the Dubs’ .389.

Pound for pound, James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry are unstoppable offensively these playoffs, and as spectacular as Curry and Klay Thompson are at 3’s, Kevin Love (.439) and Irving (.414) are actually better over the course of their careers than the Splash Brothers.

In the current playoffs, J.R. Smith is shooting 45-percent while Kyle Korver has struggled only around 41-percent. Between the two are Iman Shumpert and Deron Williams.

The bench guys won’t get as much floor time because Mike Brown/Steve Kerr will keep the rotation much tighter because they have to, but the firepower to stretch the court is there if need be.

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