Year after year, NBC hits it out of the ballpark, or should we say climbs the Mt. Midoriyama of ratings, with its hit show American Ninja Warrior.

It’s a summer TV favorite every season for a number of reasons.

First, unlike other competitive reality shows, contestants from a background of a number disciplines – cross fit, rock climbing, gymnastics, and more –¬†train for months¬†just to send in an audition tape.

But their audition tapes have nothing to do with finding love or partying; they’re pretty hardcore.


Secondly, American Ninja Warrior is captivating.

The feats these humans pull off are pretty amazing. Week after week, contestants tackle a series of ridiculously challenging obstacle courses in rounds of both city qualifying and city finals that happen across the country.

This year, the qualifiers take place in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Daytona Beach, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Denver, before the national finals in Las Vegas.

All eyes have been on Charleston, South Carolina though.

Flip over to Page 2 to see what one former contestant did over the weekend!

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