The San Antonio Spurs haven’t changed their logo much since they were one of four teams to enter the league through the 1976 ABA-NBA merger.

In fact, it’s essentially the same logo, just tweaked three times.

That said, of course it’s big news when a team decides to change it up entirely and that’s exactly what the Spurs are doing, according to sources who keep their eye on this sort of thing.

Last week, a new trademark for a secondary San Antonio Spurs logo was filed, reported.

The logo-centric site also has the first views of the Pacers’ and Spurs’ draft hats that have a new primary logo.

If this is indeed the hats the Spurs will debut on June 22nd, it doesn’t go too far away from what they’ve always had.

But the new secondary logo that is being reported sure does.

The Spurs have always had a unique logo and if this is, in fact, what they will alternately be going with, it is the same status quo look that’s sweeping the league.

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