The NBA is a much different league than it was 30 years ago. Some basketball purists believe the game was fought harder back then; that players cared more; that it was all about being a team, not an individual.

Most modern fans can argue why that line of thinking is wrong. Michael Jordan played in that era and as good – no, GREAT – as he was as a player, he wasn’t exactly known as the best teammate.

Players also did something else back then that wouldn’t fly into today’s NBA – pad their stats.

It’s Ok, MJ, You’re Still The G.O.A.T.

Here’s another example: back in 1985, Larry Bird once scored 60 points. That wouldn’t shock most people considering Bird is one of the best shooters the game has ever seen, but it was the way he went about getting to the big 6-0 that may have some younger fans questioning its legitimacy.

Bird Vs. Atlanta Is One Of Many Historical Games For The Celtics Great

Picture this: The Celtics had possession of the ball and were up 124-115 with seconds remaining. Bird chucked an inconsequential 3-pointer that missed and missed badly.

He immediately ran to the lane, Dennis Johnson fed him a pass, and Bird drained a jumper for his 59th and 60th points at the buzzer.

Bird’s Accomplice, Dennis Johnson

So what’s the big deal? Why is this getting brought up 32 years later?

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